SICCAR Enterprise Blockchain Platform

Wallet.Services (Scotland) Limited

SICCAR Enterprise Blockchain Platform

Wallet.Services (Scotland) Limited

An enterprise platform that helps organisations to collaborate efficiently and securely.

Take the strain out of complex, cross-organisation collaboration by working better, quicker and at a lower cost.  Remove security, privacy and confidentiality concerns with unprecedented protection using the latest in secure data sharing technology and future-proof your investment with our blockchain-agnostic API.

 Our platform has a comprehensive set of templates and tools so you can design and deploy your application quickly, and with the level of customisation you require

Collaboration without Compromise

A single platform to manage process, evidence and execution

  •  Take full control and gain better access to more data from more sources by integrating disparate data systems through one interface. Our highly scalable solution uses open standards and technologies and allows flexible relationships between organisations within the non-hierarchical network.

Best practice, data-driven templates

  •  Enjoy speedy deployment by delivering a blockchain application in minutes with out-of-the-box, common pattern templates for forms, processes and solutions. Our templates come with a level of configurability to ensure you get a solution that is perfectly suited to your business requirements.

Extensive, feature-rich tools for design and deployment

  •  Our intuitive tools removes the complexity of blockchain implementation by allowing you to easily customise, iterate and manage the life cycle of your templates. It also gives you full control over the design process and data flow between organisations.

Unprecedented security, privacy and confidentiality

  •  With multi-point, use-to-use encryption, reduced attack surface and controlled access to tamper-proof data from Day 1, we ensure your peace-of-mind.