Arena by Zaloni is an augmented data operations platform for conquering data sprawl

Arena by Zaloni

Arena is an augmented data operations platform. Our software provides an active data catalog that enables self-service data enrichment and consumption. The Arena difference is governed, end-to-end data operations improvement built with an extensible, machine-learning platform that both improves and safeguards enterprises’ data assets.
We believe in the power of unrealized data. Our end-to-end data operations empowers you to:
  • Conquer data sprawl challenges: Arena drives business and analytics success while providing the controls and extensibility needed across today’s decentralized, multi-cloud data complexity.
  • Secure data without hindering business goals: Arena's best-in-class governance tools give IT confidence that the right data is being seen by the right people, facilitating trust in business access.
  • Create new revenue streams, quickly: Arena's catalog, control and consume model streamlines data product projects and reduces time to value.
  • Accelerate insights while lowering costs: Arena's enrichment and collaboration tools quickly create value for analysts while reducing the burden to IT

Solutions we enable:
  • Multi-cloud data migration
  • Customer 360 / golden records - data unification
  • Rapid integration of new and alternative data
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Next generation data marketplace - governed, self-serve data access

  • Achieve end-to-end control and visibility of your entire hybrid data estate.
  • Reduce IT workload with governed, self-service access to unified data.
  • Reduce time and costs devoted to hybrid and multi-cloud data management.
  • Meet regulatory requirements through a governed catalog with traceable lineage.
  • Improve data project success with unified data for newly achievable analytics.

The Arena Difference:
  • Augmented data catalog
  • End-to-end data governance
  • Intelligent provisioning
  • Multi-cloud data management
  • Agile data mastering