Migration to Azure: 2-Week Implementation

ABCloudZ, Inc.

Two-week Azure migration implementation to help you move from SQL Server, Oracle, or any other on-premises database to the cloud and harness its scalability, cost-efficiency, and security.

Planning to migrate your SQL Server on-premises database to the cloud? Struggling with legacy SQL Servers? Or, for example, you are considering transitioning your workloads from Oracle to Azure VM or Azure Database for PostgreSQL? Look no further than ABCloudz. We specialize in seamlessly migrating your SQL Server, Oracle, or any other on-premises database to Azure SQL Database, Managed Instance, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, or Azure VM, tailored to your specific requirements. Our expertise lies in harnessing the capabilities of the cloud, guiding you through every phase of migration, from designing a future-state architecture to providing ongoing database support. Experience the full spectrum of advantages offered by Azure cloud architecture, including scalability, manageability, robust security, flexibility, integration with various Microsoft services, cost-effectiveness, high availability, and excellent performance.

Migration to Azure services we provide

Depending on the size of your data infrastructure and additional factors, the implementation of your migration to Azure can take from a few hours to several months. Its price also depends on multiple factors, including the scope of the migration, team size, and resources allocated. Typically, our offer incorporates the following services:

– Database inventory
We will run a thorough database inventory to identify all legacy and end-of-support servers, as well as track your license expiry. 

– Source database analysis
We will explore your current on-premises database systems to understand your requirements and identify connections and dependencies that should be preserved. 

– Future-state architecture design
The ABCloudz team will produce an optimum future-state architecture design tailored to your business needs and provide you with a wide array of opportunities for continuous improvement. 

– One-time migration, modernization, or unification
Depending on your needs, we will migrate your SQL Server, Oracle, or any other on-premises database to the cloud on a single-time basis or provide you with solutions for continuous database unification and modernization.

– Hybrid architecture development
To ensure your business continuity, our database team will implement a hybrid architecture that will keep your system running for the period of migration and eliminate your downtime.  

– Testing and cutover planning
Our specialist will run your future-state database through rigorous testing and deliver a plan for cutting over your servers with minimum impact. 

– CI/CD integration
We will analyze your existing CI/CD processes and find opportunities for their improvement tailored to your business needs and future-state architecture design. 

– ODM and database maintenance
Upon migration, we will provide continuous support for your Azure data infrastructure. With our operational data management and maintenance services, vital even after migrating to PaaS or any other cloud model, you will have your database engine running smoothly.

Our Microsoft сompetencies

– App Development
ABCloudz leverages a wide array of Microsoft services to develop scalable and stable web apps integrated with diverse services, including PowerBI, SharePoint, etc.

– Data Engineering
We create tailored data infrastructures to set the fundament of your app or help you store your data in secure storages and data warehouses, such as Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

– Platform and Application Modernization
Our experienced database migration and modernization team will help you modernize your legacy SQL Server to the newest version of Azure SQL Database or find a modernization solution corresponding to your specific needs.

– Managed Services
Our team provides a wide array of managed services to support and tune up your Azure data architecture, including database-managed services, infrastructure-managed services, operational data management, etc.

– Database Monitoring
We implement database monitoring to keep your database secure and running smoothly. Our team configures Azure Monitor and third-party services to make sure that your Azure data infrastructure is monitored 24/7.

– Consulting
As renowned database migration and data management experts, we will help you find the best way to migrate to Azure SQL Database or Azure on VM, leverage diverse Microsoft services, such as SharePoint, or get expert help with any other Azure infrastructure solutions.