Customer Service intelligent Chatbots Implement

adesso SE

The intelligent and digital customer service increases customer loyalty experience and enables at the same time cost reductions.

Our Approach

The combination of both provides you with an intelligent digital and forwardlooking service offering. In this way, you can optimise proven functions and at the same time use the latest developments for your customer loyalty process.


-Week 1:

  • Identifying your requirements for a customer service bot
  • Identification of use cases and potential for improvement
  • Development of a functional MVP (Minimal Viable Products) with inherent focussing

-Week 2:

  • Documentation
  • Enablement and coaching of your employees with the new application possibilities by adesso

Why customers use the solution:

  • Digital Customer Service expands digital Banking services
  • Constant availability, no waiting times
  • Increased Customer Experience
  • Cost reductions
  • High integration depth into the Microsoft landscape