Fast Track Azure AI: 4-week Proof of Concept


Fast track, high value engagement for delivering AI proof of concepts using Azure. Delivers foundation for AI “in-production” solutions using optimal mix of Azure ML, Power BI and Power Apps.

Fast Track Azure AI is a 4 week Proof of Concept Project using Microsoft Azure. It allows early demonstration of value, early user acceptance and the potential to realise significant downstream project savings. Our projects are led by senior applied data scientist / transformation specialists that deliver weekly workshops and regular readouts to the project owner and solution end-users.

Built with the flexibility of Azure Cloud solutions, Fast Track Azure AI is designed to work seamlessly with Azure. The 4 week delivery of a proof concept becomes the foundation for growth and evolution of applied AI using Microsoft Azure resources. Core components include:

  1. Azure Machine Learning - AI model development and workflow process management. Example: risk detection model.
  2. Power BI - dashboard for early analytics and ongoing presentation of insights.
  3. Power Apps - application for fast track solution implementation. Example: risk detection management tool that logs investigation and outcomes.

Project deliverables: Week 1

  • Applied AI Opportunity Report developed from AI Use Case Grid and feedback from stakeholder workshops.
  • High level AI roadmap with stakeholder maps and RACI.
  • Initial project plan and business case for highest priority proof of concept opportunity.

Week 2: Power BI dashboard and analytics report to determine key insights, considerations, data availability and best approach to build the proof of concept.

Week 3 & 4:

  • Early proof of concept using optimal mix of Azure ML, Power BI and Power Apps. This will use static data and combine data stores, AI models, processing environments, dashboards and user interfaces.
  • Plan for next stage development requirements, ie prototype phase activity burn down list and key considerations.