Software App Modernization: 2 Hours Briefing

Applicita Ltd

Do you want to extend the life of your existing applications? Do you want to take advantage of the benefits Azure Cloud provides? Are you worried about the costs and complexity of migration?

Our 2-hour briefing will provide you with the answers to your questions, leaving you with a summary report of answers specific to your situation.

Application re-writes are expensive and risky to deliver which is why many organisations are turning to modernising their existing application and moving them to the cloud. There are many different pathways to the cloud but how do you know which one is the best path to take?

Lean on Applicita's deep technical understanding of software and the Azure cloud. Our professional consultants will listen to your unique situation and questions and give you a big-picture understanding of how you can move your application workloads to Azure.

Using Microsoft’s range of Azure capabilities, IaaS, PaaS and Serviceless services can provide a range of possibilities for migrating existing applications to the cloud to decrease costs, and improve uptime and security.

"Never underestimate the value of working software" - John Kattenhorn - Founder of Applicita

Discussion topics:

  • Your business drivers
  • Establish goals and objectives for Application or Azure requirements
  • Application Modernization overview
  • Azure Service offerings overview
  • Discussions on approaches
  • Recommendations on approaches involving code, Azure services and project management

Customer Deliverables:

  • An executive summary report detailing the main points of the briefing
  • Summary of what each point means to your organization and pathways to using Azure to achieve your goals and objectives.

Customer Outcomes:

  • We will deliver a free briefing which provides a clear understanding to your organization on how to approach application, development, and modernization with Microsoft Azure
  • What other Azure services would potentially benefit the business
  • Considerations for the success of these programs


Applicita is a Microsoft first software and technology partner, and our mission is to enable people, and organisations to be more empowered and efficient through the use of Microsoft technology. We've built a reputation for doing hard things well and we thrive on making a difference by taking on the toughest challenges and making the biggest positive impact. Our collaborations range from the world's largest software companies to the innovative start-ups using Microsoft Technologies and Azure services.