Modern Azure Application: 2-week Assessment


2-wk assessment to deep-dive into your requirements or existing legacy application & recommend a future-state, secure-by-design architecture and product backlog to realise your modern azure-hosted app

Our 2-week assessment offer will ensure you have a pathway towards a well-architected, secure-by-design and enterprise-quality modern Azure-hosted cloud-native application.

Whether you're starting from scratch and looking to leverage the capabilities of Azure to facilitate your business requirements, or have an existing legacy or monolithic system that you wish to reimagine in a cloud-native way, Arkahna's Modern Azure Application Assessment will ensure that you identify the foundational requirements necessary to set you up for success.

We take an end-to-end, outcome-driven approach to ensure your business benefits from the best possible solution, leveraging the vast array of native capabilities available in the Azure stack. From concept to execution, we can design, build and manage your cloud-native application in Azure. This up-front assessment piece will: • Dive into your high-level business requirements through collaborative workshops and analysis of any existing systems in place. • Report on assessment findings and make recommendations in terms of how to pursue the cloud-native application. • Establish a high-level architectural design to host the future-state cloud-native application on Azure. • Identify a product backlog of user stories to implement within that cloud-native application.

Our standard modern ways of working will ensure that this architecture will include: • A right-sized, fit-for-purpose, best-practice and ultimately secure architectural foundation to host your cloud-native application. • Designed DevSecOps processes and pipelines to facilitate ongoing, secure deployments of your application into the future.

At the end of this engagement, you'll be in a position to begin implementation immediately - whether that is through a fixed-price, outcomes-based engagement by Arkahna or through your own internal teams. We're here to help either way.