Azure Readiness: 30 day Assessment

Atech Support

The assessment service will monitor the environment for 30 days and assess the suitability of on premise workloads for migration to Azure.

Before any organisation can consider moving to the cloud, they must have a full understanding of their current environment, and how that translates into cloud services. The purpose of this assessment is for Atech Support to work with you to comprehend the key drivers for the cloud transformation and assess the suitability of your current environment for migration to Azure.

This assessment tool is deployed into your environment by a certified Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect and left to run for 30 days. This will give us enough operational data to be able to advise whether a simple "lift and shift approach" is suitable, or if we could save you time and money by re-architecting the environment to suit workloads

The report will include:

1. A recommendations document of all infrastructure that can be migrated to Azure immediately, or that requires further remediation for migration compatibility, and will include:

- Azure readiness

- Machine properties

- Virtual machine Azure sizing

- Monthly cost estimate

- Confidence rating

2. High level budget costs of the environment, based on a lift and shift approach

**This exercise is suited to companies that have the desire to make the move to the cloud, but don't have the technical expertise to facilitate it. **

**The price of the assessment is variable depending on the number of VM's **