Azure WAN Optimisation 2-wks Implementation

Atech Support

Design, configuration and implementation of Azure firewalls, Azure virtual WAN to achieve cost optimised network connectivity in Azure

Atech's 2 week Azure network optimisation includes a comprehensive performance and cost assessment of your current connectivity services, with a recommended design for optimisation, along with implementation and configuration.

As part of a 2-week project, Atech delivers design, configuration and implementation of a network refresh comprising:

• An Azure deployment to allow for removing the existing datacentre • Implementation of a new VPN solution for corporate and third parties, in line with business requirements • A refresh on the routers, switches and internet lines across sites • Provide automated branch-to-branch connectivity through Azure • Ensure Azure regions serve as hubs that you can connect branches to. • All connections terminate to hub which allows gateway transit

What are the deliverables?

We recommend that Azure networking requirements are scoped in a single solution following assessment. In scope for this turnkey network refresh is:

• Implementation plan • Configuration of switches to agreed sites following a pilot • Reconfiguration of existing switches • Firmware upgrades to existing switches • Document of each branch to agreed standard • Post-implementation checklist to agreed standard • Asset labelling and tracking • Deployment of new firewalls and security devices in agreed regions within Azure • Deployment of SD Wan solution • Migration of Zonal VPN to Azure • Always-on VPN terminating on ASA firewalls • Completion of a test plan to agreed standard • Coordination with management on site • Project management • Project Reporting • Project Handover to service • Optional installation of new telephony

How do we work?

We take the time to understand your business's strategic objectives and requirements and how these can be met by your existing infrastructure and connectivity. On design, we execute expertly managed implementation and configuration of network solutions in line with your organisation's objectives.