FAR Accelerator - A 1-Day Project Scope Workshop

Bardess Group

Bardess has created a Finance, Accounting & Reporting Accelerator that pulls data from various sources for presentation in browser-based applications accessible from anywhere on any device.

Are you living in spreadsheet hell as a finance or reporting team user? Is your data in multiple places? Is your finance and reporting process built on manual and complex step-by-step processes? For decades, finance, accounting, and reporting staff have struggled to get data through the traditional pipeline of manual, time consuming, static reporting tools.

Leveraging Microsoft Azure and all of the benefits of its class leading cloud platform, Bardess Group is offering the Finance, Accounting and Reporting Accelerator that will eliminate these challenges by automatically pulling from all your various data sources, delivering rapid value and providing true finance transformation enabling the Finance and Reporting teams to:

  • Maximize the value and ROI of your technology investments
  • Utilize a combination of exceptional proprietary tools that rapidly solves your most complex business challenges

Our team of elite consultants can help you achieve or extend the value of your Azure deployment with the accelerator.

Bardess Group uses a results framework called Zero2Hero® in the development of the accelerator to provide:

  • A higher business value with a fast ROI
  • A proven solution that improves business outcomes with real time data and analytics

The Accelerator provides unique new innovative capabilities to the finance team which include:

  • Analytics on the Go – Browser based applications accessible from any device from anywhere
  • Collaboration – Unique capabilities that bring the conversation & communication channels to the data via popular platforms
  • “Google Like” search that answers questions on demand
  • Natural Language Generation - Natural Language interpretation of your data model’s key drivers and trends
  • Self Service & Drill to Detail - Aggregated views always connected to detail records with the ability to manage the balance between self-service and governance/security

No other solution in the marketplace can match these capabilities and value.