Bridewell | Cloud Security Posture 1-Wk Assessment

Bridewell Consulting Limited

Secure your Azure and Microsoft 365 environments to safeguard your users, devices, and data. This one week assessment will help you identify and remediate key risks in your cloud environments.

The Cloud Security Posture Assessment (CSPA) is a one-week assessment to ensure your organisation has correctly and securely configured your Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365 tenancies, and that you're making the most effective use of all the security features available within your current Microsoft licensing, including Defender for Cloud.

Our cloud security consultants and Microsoft experts will perform a complete assessment of your cloud tenancies, identifying any potential risks to your business, users or data. For any risks identified, our consultants will recommend remediations that effectively address them. This enables your organisation to:

  • Address the challenges of constantly evolving cloud environments and threats
  • Quickly access Microsoft and cloud experts, who can review your cloud environments in depth
  • Overcome any shortages your organisation has in security resourcing or the cyber security skills gap
  • Steamline security operations by identifying potential improvements to your existing processes, and by consolidating your technology stack

This assessment takes consideration of your organisation's cloud architecture, security concerns and requirements, and the industry in which you operate. This provides our consultants with a comprehensive understanding of your business, enabling them to make recommendations that have minimal impact on your ongoing business operations. Beyond improving your security posture, this assessment will also help you improve your return on investment in the Microsoft security stack, by improving your deployments and deriving greater value from the technologies available under your current Microsoft license.