Lumen AVS Migration Assessment 1 Day


This 1 day assessment provides a high-level indication of costs for an as-is estate on AVS and recommendations for right-sizing legacy environments to optimise an existing estate ahead of migration.

Organisations are considering the benefit of Azure VMware Solution (AVS) to reduce on-premises infrastructure requirements and leverage their VMware investments in the cloud. They may also be looking for application modernisation and enhancement, improved burst capacity or rebalancing.

With Lumen’s Azure VMware Solution Migration Assessment, businesses can discover the total cost of their target service and the actions required to migrate successfully before beginning their journey to the cloud. This assessment provides a high-level indication of the cost for an as-is estate on AVS and also looks at identifying additional workloads to be moved to native Azure.

During the assessment workshop, Lumen will gain insights into the main business drivers behind the organisation’s potential move to the cloud. Through interviews with relevant stakeholders we will gather additional information regarding the workloads to be assessed to better determine the utilisation of the hosts, peak times and seasonal dependencies. We will also gather other valuable information relating to the use and need of applications that would normally not be visible through pure data collection.

After the workshop and data collection, Lumen will analyse the data and create an Assessment Report presentation. This includes:

  • A defined migration approach
  • Recommendations for potential savings utilising native security and network services offered as part of the target Azure solution
  • Recommendations regarding potential cost savings to be gained by optimising your estate as part of the migration to Azure VMware Solution

Lumen’s Azure VMware Solution Migration Assessment ensures organisations have complete clarity regarding their migration to AVS. It enables stakeholders to accurately visualise the requirements and costs of cloud migration and weigh up the benefits over legacy, on-premises VMs.