Azure Virtual Desktop SMB Assessment

Chalkline Solutions

Assess how you're currently accessing your applications & systems, and discuss Microsoft's modern solutions utilising Azure.

Chalkline is excited to introduce our Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) solution, designed to revolutionise the way businesses approach remote and hybrid work environments.

With a Chalkline-managed AVD solution, your business gains the flexibility to access desktops and applications from anywhere, leveraging Azure's robust security and cost-efficient infrastructure.

Our solution promises not only to enhance your workforce's productivity but also to provide significant cost savings and management control.

Agenda for Assessment:

• Understand the existing solution in place

• Review the cloud readiness

• Review your disaster recovery or business continuity plan against what you currently have and what you want to have.

• We will be reviewing multiple parts of your IT estate, including:

•	Your security posture to identify if best practises are being followed, such as Multi Factor Authentication and device controls
•	Your applications and how they are deployed
•	Your directory (Active Directory or Entra ID)
•	Your data storage (shared data and user data)
•	Your connectivity
•	Your endpoints

• Q&A Session: Address any specific queries or concerns regarding the AVD solution.