Accelerate Your Application Modernization with Codincity


Codincity application modernization services offer a comprehensive solution to upgrade your existing legacy, monolithic applications to modern , microservices based application, using cloud services

Description: Codincity's application modernization services offer a comprehensive solution to upgrade your existing .NET MVC applications to .NET Core, containerize them, re-platform your database to use managed database services on Azure, and deploy the rearchitected application. With a proven track record and notable differentiators, Codincity is your trusted partner for a successful modernization journey.

Key Services:

  1. Upgrading .NET MVC Applications to .NET Core: Codincity's experienced team of experts will upgrade your existing .NET MVC applications to the latest .NET Core framework, ensuring improved performance, security, and scalability.
  2. Containerizing Applications: Codincity will containerize your applications using industry-leading containerization technologies, such as Docker and Kubernetes, to enable seamless deployment and management in a cloud-native environment.
  3. Re-platforming Database to Managed Database Service on Azure: Codincity will re-platform your database to use managed database services on Azure, such as Azure SQL Database or Cosmos DB, ensuring high availability, scalability, and managed backups.
  4. Proof of Concept (PoC) and Deployment: Codincity will carry out a PoC to validate the modernized application's functionality, performance, and security. Once the PoC is successful, Codincity will deploy the rearchitected application to the Azure cloud environment

Modernization areas:

  1. Architectural Transformation: Codincity will transform your monolithic architecture to microservices-based architecture, enabling improved scalability, flexibility, and agility in your applications.
  2. Technology Transformation: Codincity will upgrade or replace your technology stack with modern languages and frameworks, such as Angular, Python, Golang, Java, and more, ensuring your applications are built with the latest and most efficient technologies.
  3. Platform Transformation: Codincity will help you leverage serverless computing, API-fication, containerization, and other cloud-native technologies to modernize your applications and enable seamless scalability, agility, and cost optimization.

Our differentiators:

  1. Condinbuilder: Codincity's solution accelerator for implementing CI/CD DevOps with a cloud-native platform, enabling automated and efficient application development and deployment processes.
  2. CodinMigrate: Codincity's proven framework for migrating and modernizing applications, ensuring a smooth and streamlined modernization process.
  3. Codnscan: Codincity's blueprint document for each and every application that gets migrated and modernized, providing comprehensive documentation for future reference and maintenance.
  4. CodinGarage: Codincity's solution accelerator for cloud lifecycle management, offering automated and efficient management of applications in the cloud environment.

Timeline: Codincity's application modernization services can be completed within a span of 16 to 20 weeks, depending on the complexity and size of the applications.

Summary: Don't let outdated applications hold you back. Partner with Codincity for a seamless and accelerated application modernization journey, leveraging our expertise in architectural, technology, and platform transformation, along with our notable differentiators. Contact us today to get started.