DevOps at Production Scale in a week with Azure

CloudThat Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Get your robust applications managed with our DevOps & DevSecOps Services

CloudThat is Microsoft Gold Partner offering DevOps & DevSecOps services globally. We help businesses deploy applications in a standardized and automated way - with highly available, scalable, and best disaster recovery mechanisms - using the best DevOps industry practices.

Depending on the infra and team size we can have a 1-Week assessment project to have the below objectives delivered:

Better visibility across Azure Infrastructure:

Gain insights through better context. Expedite detection and response.

Automates DevSecOps pipeline on Azure Workloads:

Alerting for security incidents and early detection of false positives. Better visibility into CI/CD pipeline. High-scale automation.

Strengthen Security at Scale in Azure:

Helps to develop a security-first culture to drive DevSecOps adoption. secure your code, workflows, infrastructure, and software supply chain against vulnerabilities. Best practices to enable end-to-end visibility and traceability. insights and policy automation to realize continuous compliancy.