Entra Verified ID Proof of Value: 4-Week POC

Condatis Group Limited

To help organisations prove the value of using Microsoft Entra, including Azure Active Directory B2C and Entra Verified ID and guide their ongoing digital identity journey.

Welcome to the future of work! Organisations are having to reinvent themselves from location-based businesses to offering human-centric models where employees and clients expect flexibility, collaboration, and management wherever they are. This creates a seismic shift for CIOs as the digital surface of their external facing services dramatically increases and poses critical questions about managing the associated risks.

The foundational building block of creating a robust human-centric hybrid workplace is establishing a high-quality, portable digital identity for staff, contractors, and clients. Microsoft has launched Microsoft Entra Verified ID, a decentralised identity solution centred focused on giving individuals the ability to prove that they are who they claim to be, securely hold credentials about themselves and share that data with the organisations they choose.

To help organisations prove the value of using Entra Verified ID and guide their ongoing digital identity journey, Condatis and ITC Secure are offering businesses an opportunity to work on a Proof of Value (PoV) that demonstrates these capabilities within their ecosystem:

  • Optimised Staff/User Onboarding and Access: offering opportunities to optimise staff and user onboarding and simplify accessing digital services or physical sites.
  • User-Managed Eligibility: Users hold and manage the distribution of their own personal data. Verifiers request only the information they need, and users decide whether or not to provide it.
  • Integration: Enhancing your IAM setup with the ability to issue verifiable credentials using data stored in Azure Active Directory.
  • Cost Savings: Trust is formed through user-held credentials rather than managing complex centralised systems and synchronisation.


  • Delivery of the project using an agile methodology.
  • Delivery of a PoV environment to demonstrate the value and prove out your use cases.
  • Receiving feedback on the delivered environments and allowing you to drive the experiments investigated.
  • Delivering live demonstrations to your stakeholders.
  • Developing the next steps with your team.