Identity Health Check: 3-Week Assessment

Condatis Group Limited

Packaged consultancy service to help a business analyse, plan and build a robust and modern identity solution with Azure AD.

Protect your data and improve customer experience with Azure AD digital identity

  • Do you understand your legal obligations for data protection?
  • How sure are you your customer data is secure?
  • How are your usernames and passwords stored?
  • When and how do you use multifactor authentication?
  • Do you know how many customers you are currently losing due to a poor authentication experience?
  • Do you know what to do when a data breach occurs?

If you are not sure how your customer data is protected, it is not protected well enough.

Azure AD offers extensive capabilities to manage customer identity at scale.

In our Identity Health Check, a three-week consultancy package, we work closely with you and your team on defining how and where you are currently storing customer data and how this can be improved using Azure AD. Review customer experience journeys, map application access by level of risk and create a trust framework model to allow future-proof integration of cloud and on-premise systems and applications.

The Identity Health Check is offered at three levels: small-medium-large; with our medium package including analysis of 3 user applications and 5 data stores, for businesses with an average of over 20,000 monthly active users.

What you get:

  • Analysis of customer identity data stores
  • Identity data store security assessment (fit for purpose)
  • Mapping the (as-is) customer experience journey
  • Mapping application access by level of risk
  • Trust Framework model
  • Mapping the (to-be) customer experience journey
  • Plan to succeed (build plan) – Establishing baseline analytics that you need to measure success