Azure Blueprint for Sitecore 2-week PoC

Copenhagen Mist

Assessment of your requirements, followed by the provisioning of a full Azure Blueprint environment for Sitecore.

What you'll get:

  1. Assesment of your requirements
  2. A fully provisioned Azure Blueprint environment for Sitecore running for 2 weeks.

The Proof of Concept environment will be a complete and fully functional Sitecore environment, configured with the full set of Azure PaaS features for technical and performance evaluation.

The PoC environment will be available for two weeks after setup, but can be extended per agreement

The cost is estimated based on the typical resource cost of a 1 CM, 2 CD Sitecore XP environment running on Azure for two weeks. Any major variation in this configuration might influence actual cost.

Outcomes after the 2-week PoC:

• After the 2-week period you will see noticeable results in speed, scalability and total system availability.

• You will gain the ability to scale up resources in a matter of few minutes during times of unexpected spikes, and safely scale down on resources to save up on consumption costs during low traffic times.

• You will get a highly secure deployment to Azure PaaS that also supports your additional security integrations.

• Remove the dependencies on IT and reduce the cost of maintaining an always-on and growing Sitecore cloud environment.

• The Azure Blueprint environment is constantly evolving to support your growth needs and to help you leverage the full potential of your Sitecore solution.

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