Cassandra to Azure Cosmos DB - 3-5 week Assessment

Datavail Corporation

Cassandra API in Azure Cosmos DB has become a great choice for enterprise workloads running on Apache Cassandra for several reasons.

An Azure readiness assessment allows you to understand:

    The current state of your infrastructure

    The parts of your infrastructure best suited for an Azure migration

    The steps needed to prepare for a successful migration to Azure

    Analysis of Current On-premise Infrastructure

This is the most important aspect of Azure migration assessment. We analyze current security, compliance, networking, applications, databases, logging & monitoring requirements along with integration and dependencies between applications.

Datavail’s Cassandra to Azure Cosmos DB assessment includes:

TCO Analysis

Datavail’s extensive TCO analysis weighs all the cost factors in this decision and delivers incremental improvements throughout the program.

Migration Roadmap and Strategy

You get a full Azure migration strategy and roadmap that is designed to have minimal impact on the operating business.


Future State Architecture

We provide future state architecture of your infrastructure footprint in the Azure.


Rapid POC

We quickly deliver a proof-of-concept to support your needs. Our agility allows us to adjust the POC proactively based on your changing requirements.

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