Azure Data Lake 10 week Roadmap & Implementation

Datavail Corporation

Modernize your business intelligence (BI) and data analytics with Azure for an end-to-end solution that’s accessible, massively scalable, governed, and secure.

Datavail’s team of experts can help you roadmap, design, and build a data lake architecture on Azure. Let our team show you how to drive deeper analysis and smarter action by harnessing your organization’s existing data assets. 

Benefits of a Successful Azure Data Lake Roadmap Strategy with Datavail: 

  • Make your data accessible, discoverable, governed, and secure.
  • Consolidate data in a centralized location while taking advantage of Azure’s massively scalable, elastic, and cost-efficient storage.
  • Collect, compare, and output data for business intelligence (BI) and analytics purposes.
  • Enable self-service reporting.
  • Transform IT’s role to the Center of Expertise (COE)
  • Drive digital transformation or modernization.
  • Create a data management value chain for analytics.

From a technical perspective, Datavail’s depth allows us to implement an Azure solution while taking advantage of existing assets to rapidly develop solutions with measurable ROI. Our expert consulting team will ensure you have clear, tangible steps for implementing, executing, and extending your Azure Data Lake vision. 

Our Data Lake roadmap engagement will: :

  • Apply our knowledge of multiple strategies, products and cloud implementations to create a robust, supportable, effective roadmap for implementation
  • Be executable and prioritized into short-term, mid-term, and long-term plans
  • Guide you through the process of creating your Azure Data Lake with recommendations involving best practices and tools to fit your requirements

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