Build & Enable a Self-Service Data Culture

Decisive Data

In 1-hour, Decisive Data will discuss how we can work with you to build & enable a self-service data platform and culture utilizing a match made in the cloud: Microsoft Azure + Alteryx + Tableau.

Since our founding 10 years ago, Decisive Data has focused exclusively on delivering data driven insights and building self-service Data Culture (sometimes referred to as a "Data Estate"). Enabling clients to make data driven decisions is central to our mission – and our only business.

Hundreds of successful data projects have given DD insight into effective best practices for building high performing self-service data analytics infrastructure and culture. The end result of this engagement can be to address single areas of concern or a complete customized roadmap to "data nirvana".

What We’ll Cover

Working with you to directly discuss and understand your current business problems or data insight goals, we'll discuss how we can work together to enable the following:

  • Make Decisions Faster – data automation and ETL/ELT services reduce time needed to power data visualizations.

  • Competitive Advantage – quickly accessing the right data, in the right visualization, at the right time allows you to gain insight and predict market trends before your competitors do.

  • Data Governance – increase report integrity and control the flow of data into your analytics architecture with a human governed set of data policies.

  • Data Catalog – quickly identify data sources and reports to reduce duplication and get everyone on the same page.

This 1-Hour Briefing should allow you to walk away with a better understanding of how to capitalize on the following features of Microsoft Azure + Alteryx + Tableau:

  • PaaS infrastructure built for the cloud with Microsoft Azure.

  • Ingest + prep, extract, transform, and load, as well as process and model data from a variety of sources, all using the power of the Microsoft Azure platform.

  • Comprehensive yet simple visualized workflows with Alteryx that allow for analysis capabilities without the need for coding knowledge.

  • Beautiful visualizations using Tableau (or Power BI).