Zero Trust Conditional Access:7-Day Implementation

Devoteam Alegri GmbH

To ensure that only valid users can access your resources it is important to design and implement a strong authentication to your infrastructure.

Implementing a secure access strategy for your identities

Why? In 2020 digital transformation became one of the most important topics worldwide. Companies are facing a change, from classic work to a distributed hybrid workplace. Employees are no longer in the immediate vicinity of a location but are distributed throughout the country or worldwide. Azure AD Conditional Access is part of the Zero Trust strategy and secures the access to company resources.

What do you get? We will introduce you to Azure AD Conditional Access and develop an access strategy which provides the optimal balance between security and productivity. We will analyse your processes and infrastructure and provide a report with our recommendations.

This includes: A general Conditional Access design – which fits to your situation and needs and is in line with our project experience as well as Microsoft best practises. A Proof-of-Concept to implement Conditional Access with a pilot group first. We will provide the whole setup – groups, policies and monitoring and an evaluation of the results. Support during the full roll-out process which includes training for your IT and a full documentation of the architecture.

*Prices may vary depending on demand and time frame

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