Java in the Cloud : 6-Wk Assessment for Migration

EastBanc Technologies

EastBanc Technologies will provide an assessment of your Java-based services and product infrastructure identifying Azure migration options

EastBanc Technologies will provide Azure migration assessment of your Java-based services and product infrastructure with the focus on:

• Software architecture patterns for better Azure fit (cost-performance-maintainability) • Security practices • Software development processes • Technical debt • Code quality

Upon completion of the assessment, we will deliver the following reports:

• An actionable high-level evaluation of strengths and weaknesses, outlining a conclusion about system maturity and Azure readiness. The report is tailored to executive audience. • A detailed list of identified risks in existing solution and potential mitigations. • Detailed analysis of specific software development topics with findings and recommendations

The detailed analysis will focus on the following topics:

  • Validation of current architecture
  • Used components, patterns and their constraints
  • Plans for deprecation
  • Separation between tiers
  • Options for Azure migration


  • Infrastructure components in use (Cloud vs. Hybrid)
  • Fault tolerance and disaster recovery
  • Single points of failure
  • Vendor-specific/cloud provider-specific components


  • Vertical/Horizontal scaling
  • “Sharding” by customer


  • Ratio of feature development vs. technical debt reduction
  • Azure hosting cost saving options

Why Choose EastBanc Technologies?

• We are a Gold Certified Microsoft Partner in Cloud Platform and Application Development competencies with many Azure certified software engineers and architects

• We have seen it all and done it all. Our exposure to various technologies, industries and project sizes as software developers is unmatched.

• The evaluators we assign to perform technical due are diligence are software engineers who routinely build software systems for others.

• For more than two decades, we have focused on state-of-the-art approaches to modern software development, meaning we know what works, what does not and what is too risky.

• We understand this process from both ends of the table. We know how to report our findings in a way -- and with a level of detail -- that enables our clients to obtain a clear understanding of the issues at hand.