Application Development


Based on specific needs and projected scope, we will cover all aspects of a successful delivery: requirements elicitation, development, testing, documentation to project governance & risk management.

ELEKS has expertise in utilizing Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing platform and services offered by Microsoft. With Azure, ELEKS can help clients achieve greater scalability, flexibility, and security in their software solutions. ELEKS can also help clients ensure their solutions comply with specific regulations and security standards. With ELEKS and Azure, clients can have a tailored software solution that is not only on time and within budget but also highly scalable, secure, and reliable.

ELEKS will help to transform Clients vision and requirements into a tailored software solution on time and within budget.

SERVICE DELIVERABLES Working application (deployed): Code/Accompanying documentation/Agreed level of quality/Acceptance criteria completed.


  • Ability of ELEKS to provide development that is compliant with specific regulation /security standards.
  • ELEKS utilizes its experience transformed into the set of approaches & best practices that minimize bottlenecks though delivery.
  • Product co–creation which manifests itself via a number of techniques & workshops ELEKS is using to develop empathy for the Clients problem, validate initial hypothesis & together craft solid foundation for development.
  • ELEKS can accelerate Clients product development by using our Delivery Framework that was created as a result of polishing the best plastics throughout 28+ years of experience.

ELEKS Responsibilities: • Team formation • Development roadmap • Software development on time/budget/scope • Software quality management • Additional requests management • User acceptance testing • Technical documentation • Product (software) deployment

ELEKS’ custom application development services cover third-party integration, mobile, desktop, web and DWH & BI. Once you’ve outlined your initial requirements, we’ll work with you to validate your product vision and assumptions, then we’ll handle project implementation. With a trusted Top 100 Global Outsourcing development company, your project is in safe hands.