Azure Cloud Security Services 2-Week Assessment

Enimbos Global Services, S.L.

Our services will help you optimize the security of your Azure infrastructure, by provisioning a set of tailormade actionable recommendations to achieve full protection on your platform

Enimbos offers the best technical knowledge to advise you on how to align your Azure infrastructure with your business needs. Our Azure Security Excellence Consulting Service, based on the Azure security framework is the optimal cybersecurity protection consulting service for any client, in which we provide advice on how to deploy the most advanced Microsoft security processes and tools.

Besides, we are recognized as one of the best MSSP cloud partners in Europe, which gives us the possibility to provide exclusive cybersecurity benefits on Azure platforms to our customers.

How does this work? After only 3 preliminary steps, Enimbos will have assisted you towards your Cloud Security enhancement journey based on Azure Platforms:

  1. Risk analysis and architectural proposals
  • We carry out an analysis of the business requirements (customers, employees, suppliers, etc.)
  • We identify and evaluate associated threats on Azure Platforms
  • We identify existing security measures
  • We carry out a final evaluation and define an objective architecture based on Azure cloud.
  1. Cloud Security Service Deployment: Having defined a final architecture and evaluation, we advise you on the best options for the implementation of the following Microsoft Azure Security services:
  • Endpoint protection: Microsoft antivirus and malware services.
  • Perimeter protection: DDoS, Firewall and WAF
  • Password and access protection: IAM, KM and MFA
  • Consolidation and processing of logs: ILK and SIEM
  1. Set up of your 24/7 Security Operation Center: We will assist you on defining the tasks, requirements and parameters to establish your own SOC, that will have the following responsibilities:
  • Continuous monitoring system implementation
  • Fix & Correlation of alerts
  • Integration of ML and AI solutions
  • Direct connection to the Enimbos Shield Response Team