SALT guided setup: Three-Day Azure Dev Ops implementation service

Enlighten Designs Ltd

This service offering includes the implementation of CD/CI tool Azure Dev ops, to establish, maintain and update your code base for the duration of its life cycle.

When you begin a significant Microsoft Azure project, you need assurance that the project is set up correctly - look no further than Enlighten SALT - an Azure DevOps-based packaged implementation package that sets your project up for success.

Enlighten Designs has over 22 years of experience in modern build processes and our Enlighten SALT offering is the 'secret sauce' to ensuring your Azure applications are set up to succeed and achieve beyond what is thought possible.

In our experience, there is no "one sized fits all" approach when it comes to implementing an application. With the ever-changing and continuously growing set of best practices, Microsoft tools and partners, Enlighten Designs offers the most effective support through our agile approach.


Using a Continuous Development, Continuous Implementation (CD/CI) strategy and Microsoft’s Cloud tools, we set up an environment that accelerates development and ongoing change projects. By amplifying feedback loops and releasing regularly and reliably, it allows us address problems quickly and efficiently while simultaneously giving you more time to focus on growing your app.


Using bespoke profiles of your stakeholders and projects to help visualize, prioritize and anticipate what needs are the highest priority, we help you reduce conflict and decision paralysis. Traditional Managed Service models are too rigid for today’s modern world, Enlighten Designs have created a realistic agile development process to help you deliver on-time and within budget.


  • Define, build & test faster: Our agile and scrum teams can plan product backlogs, manage sprints, and oversee daily progress using Azure DevOps etc.
  • Enabled CD/CI: Continuous monitoring and approval of the service quality in terms of response times, performance and reaction.
  • Integrated collaboration: A platform to engage involved stakeholders across your project, keeping you updated across the SDLC processes to ensure effective collaboration and oversight through standups, notifications and Kanban boards etc.
  • Expert advice: Analysis and recommendations for the best approach and solutions to your project from our team of experts with over 22 years’ experience.
  • Extended support: After release, Enlighten offers a range of different support options to continue for the continued development of your project as required.