Decentralized Identity Management: ½ Day Workshop

Envision Blockchain Solutions

Cambridge Blockchain puts control of personal identity data back in to the hands of the end user. Offering immediate financial value to various enterprise and public entities.

During this ½ day workshop, we will introduce and discuss your company's pre-qualified Identity Management use case and how it can leverage Microsoft Azures Enterprise Resources for best in class deployments. After review we will journey your company's pre-qualified stakeholders through a series of use case specific questions in effort to begin aligning the use case specific attributes.

The end goal of the workshop is to finalize this data mapping exercise and to have all of the attributes required for our team to custom outfit a series of API’s which correlate to the use case and custom-developed smart contract which simulates the use case work-flow.


  • Introduce Decentralized Identity Management and the Cambridge Blockchain solution
  • Explore and discuss the pre-qualified use cases – will be identified prior to the workshop in a scoping and logistics call
  • Establish the data mapping required for the selected Decentralized Identity Management use case

Deliverables & Value:

  • Data mapping schema (completed during the workshop)
  • Customized and consumable APIs (link will be delivered post workshop)
  • Documentation on how to consume the APIs
  • APIs will be available for to prove value in a future PoC
  • Develop Custom Smart Contract based on Data Schema (post workshop)