DevOps on Azure with GitHub: GitHub Copilot Workshop (2 days)


Elevate your business with our comprehensive workshop integrating DevOps in Azure using GitHub, and explore AI's impact on development productivity through our GitHub Copilot Immersion Workshop.

Boost your business to the next level with the integration of the development practice with DevOps in Azure using GitHub as the centralized tool, empowered by the expertise of NTT DATA, a global partner of Microsoft. Enhance your development productivity with the help of AI by participating in our comprehensive two-day workshop. Immerse yourself in the world of AI-powered GitHub’s Copilot through our GitHub Copilot Immersion Workshop. Explore the significant impacts of AI on developer productivity, and learn how to integrate and manage this revolutionary technology within your organization. Engage in an interactive exploration of GitHub Copilot, as we demonstrate its potential and brainstorm ways to accelerate your development processes.

Generative AI is becoming increasingly prevalent in various industries as we strive to understand the benefits of this groundbreaking technology. GitHub Copilot offers one of the few practical real-world applications with immediate improvements to developer productivity. Our GitHub Copilot workshop will equip your organization with a thorough understanding of GitHub Copilot's advanced capabilities, including integration with developer tools like Visual Studio Code, demonstrations of popular language support, and early access to GitHub Copilot-X based on OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Copilot chat capability. The adoption of a new DevOps platform affects various roles within an organization, from developers and cloud architects to testers, business analysts, and product owners. It's essential for organizations to ensure their teams are prepared and equipped with the necessary tools and knowledge from the very beginning. As GitHub licensing and services partners, we are ready to facilitate your team’s adoption and migration processes to GitHub.

In this workshop we will focus on the following aspects:

­- Understand governance and controls for managing Copilot within your enterprise. ­- Get a hands-on demonstration of GitHub Copilot and its services. ­- Explore the vision and roadmap of GitHub Copilot ­- Investigate the GitHub Copilot services available on GitHub and delve into common use cases. ­- Participate in a developer workflow ideation session and enablement. ­- Reach out to us to organize the workshop and discuss pricing.