Eviden's Value out of Cloud 4 Hours Workshop

Eviden International France - SAS

Eviden offers a 2-4 hrs data-driven workshop to analyze customers' cloud maturity levels across Process, Technology, People categories. The workshop provides a clear understanding & actionable roadmap

Eviden offers a series of data-driven workshops to analyze customers' cloud maturity levels across Process, Technology, and People categories. The goal of the workshops is to identify gaps that prevent the customer from fully adopting cloud-native framework and/or DevOps principles. Upon the completion of the workshops, we then provide a systematic scoring and actionable roadmaps to address those challenges.

The result of this workshop can potentially lead to Eviden’s Professional Services on design, build and implementation of Azure architecture as well as on-going operational management services. Having a sound roadmap and the stability and performance of the cloud tenancy will secure customer’s long-term commitment to Azure and increased adoption of cloud-native technologies.

The participants of the workshop should include Executive Stakeholders e.g., CIO, CTO, business line executives; Team Leads – Cloud Operations, Application owner, data &analytics leads, finance leads etc.and business owners – BL manager, App users, administrators etc.


  • An objective assessment of your organization's cloud maturity level.
  • Gap analysis report on which capabilities your organization is accelerating vs. lagging.
  • Expert advice on the pathways to advance your cloud journey and improvement plan.

Microsoft Value

  • Scalability: Azure allows dynamic resource adjustments to meet business needs.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Azure optimizes resource usage for cost efficiency with a pay-as-you-go model.
  • Security: Robust features in Azure, like encryption and threat detection, ensure data protection.
  • Reliability: Azure guarantees a 99.9% uptime for constant application and data availability.
  • Flexibility: Supporting diverse languages and tools, Azure lets you choose what aligns with your needs.

Benefits of Value out of Cloud

  • Eviden has the best cloud experts across the globe who deal with the most complex industry-specific problems in the world daily.
  • Eviden brings experienced Solution Architects and Business Consultants who are knowledgeable about tools, methodologies, and industry-specific use cases
  • Expert-led workshop to identify, clarify, and address any technical or business questions or concerns you may have
  • An executive summary report will be delivered, which outlines findings from the workshop and a proposal of the next steps
  • Actionable recommendations with guided solutions at the discretion of the participants.
  • The workshop is cost-neutral, with minimal commitment from the participants.

Eviden & Microsoft: Eviden and Microsoft have a 20+ year strategic partnership, with Eviden being a global leader in Cloud & Managed Security worldwide.