Ask me how: 2-Week Assessment


With the experience we have accumulated over the years working with Microsoft Azure we can clarify your questions about the process of adopting cloud technologies.

Our goal is to understand your needs so that we can respond to concerns about how to resolve them. Our service consists of conducting input collection sessions and then executing one or more solution designs considering aspects such as high availability, backups, performance, among others. Depending on the scope of the solution, proofs of concept could be performed to validate critical aspects of the success of the production deployment. The times and costs vary according to the project. The outcome of our services is an adoption plan based on the assessment that explains how to setup and configure the solution needed by our customer. Is common that customers have some doubts about how to engage with cloud services like Microsoft Azure and we can help them answering their "how to" questions knowing what can and what can't be done. We put our experience on consulting services in order to adopt or migrate painless to the cloud. Deliverables - A document with the diagnostic of the current state of services that may be migrated to Microsoft Azure. - Roadmap with the next steps in order to prepare the migration process. - An estimated budget of the setup and monthly cost of Microsoft Azure