Azure Quantum: 4-hours workshop

Futurice Oy

Overview of quantum computing basics and introduction of Azure Quantum service with hands-on labs on available quantum hardware

This workshop is designed to inspire your team and give an overview of quantum computing and Azure Quantum service. The workshop participation model is virtual by default through Microsoft Teams, but can be arranged in-classroom in select locations.

The agenda and difficulty level of technical content is depending on attending audience. It can be adopted to the following target audiences: Business Decision Makers, Technical Decision Makers, CIO/CMO, Data Scientists, Developers. Recommended number of participants: up to 10.

Part I: Quantum computing – paradigm shift

We will talk about what makes quantum computing so attractive for the specific class of problems. Where we are today on the road to a practical and scalable quantum computer. Which businesses and industries should already today start exploring and experimenting with available quantum software and hardware stacks.

Part II: Quantum computing today through Azure Quantum

Overview of Azure Quantum service and quantum hardware and software stacks (Qiskit, Q#, Cirq) available today with live demos.

Part III: Hands-on experiments with Azure Quantum for all participants

We have opportunity to provide access to Azure Quantum workspace during the workshop to all participants. Please, bring your own laptop, no special requirements, only web browser is needed. All participants will be able to create a real quantum program and deploy it to a real quantum hardware. Quantum hardware selection is a subject of the availability during the time of the workshop.