How to move to Azure: 1-Hr Briefing


Migrating to the cloud is a complicated process, get a briefing on the common pitfalls to avoid

Implementing and managing a cloud infrastructure for your business using only existing in-house resources is complicated by the fact that the Azure landscape is constantly changing.

Using experts who intimately understand and keep pace with the Azure landscape can dramatically reduce the risk of your implementation, ensure value for money and then manage and maintain it for you.

In the briefing, our technical specialist will explain the best practice igroup have adopted to approach moving to Azure:

  • A high-level overview of the Azure platform.
  • Explain how igroup can help address concerns
  • Give you an overview of our cloud management platform CloudOps and how templating deployments can accelerate your migration
  • They’ll explain common pitfalls, lessons learnt from real-world examples, and how our team will spend time with you planning the move and provide a realistic time frame which is documented.
  • They’ll also recommend an optional test migration that our team and your team cloud plan to ensure the data is as expected.

What you’ll get from the session

At the end of the briefing, you’ll have a high-level overview of how to move to Azure, as well as an understanding of timeline and costs.

Our specialist will answer any concerns and questions and explain the best route for your business and how you can take advantage of discounts igroup offer for each professional service.