Backup your data on Azure: 3 days assessment


Do you have problem with data storage? Are you afraid about the security of your data? Do you want to access your data from all around the world?

Azure Storage is the solution to all data scenarios that you might come up.

This assessment provides detailed information on how to backup any kind of data (files, databases, secure credentials, etc.) in a way that is best suited for any business. A team of professionals will give all possible solutions with proper cost and time estimates.


  • Day 1: Meeting with our team. In-depth discussions on what kind of data need to be backed up, our team gives possible solutions.
  • Day 2: Make cost analysis, time estimation and decide which solution is the best fit.
  • Day 3: Preparing and presenting full report on how to make a proper backup


  • Detailed report on how to make a proper backup from your