Azure Virtual Desktop Implementation

It1 Source LLC

Accelerate implementation of a personalized Azure Virtual Desktop and RemoteApp experience to users enabling a secure, reliable, and efficient workspace.

iT1's Azure Virtual Desktop offer will quickly implement a personalized, flexible, and secure virtual desktop solution that modernizes the end-user experience, enabling secure access to line-of-business applications anywhere, anytime, on any device. Azure Virtual Desktop is optimized for Microsoft 365 applications providing reliable and consistent performance driving user adoption with ease. For successful implementation and adoption our unique approach includes following the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework and Azure Landing Zone concepts using a reference architecture.

Our team of cloud solution experts will align to your business and technical objectives, define requirements, and design/implement an Azure Virtual Desktop solution that meets those requirements to achieve business objectives. Deliverables for this solution include:

• Design and implementation documentation • Adoption plan • Security and Governance Strategy • Azure Landing Zone • Reference Architecture • Security and governance strategy