AI for Customer Excellence <10 w/ implementation

Kapacity A/S

A tested framework to create top line growth using Advanced Analytics & AI. The framework helps predict customer needs and behaviour and becoming data driven in customer operations.

The framework should be used by organizations looking for a better understanding of current and future customer behaviour – no matter whether the business model is subscription based, b2c or b2b. The product is typically anchored in finance, marketing, customer service or it. The advantage of the framework is that i) we start any project with a review of the business case and your data to ensure a high expected impact ii) we use interpretable AI models that helps you understand not only WHO is likely to leave you, but also the drivers behind iii) we always model customer life time value of customers, to help prioritize your efforts on the most important customers iv) model results are displayed in an interactive tool that helps generate for ongoing customer exploration and insights v) we help design a setup for testing and measuring campaign effects.

Outcome and business deliverables are:

  • Data quality assessment
  • Summary of Key drivers and artifacts needed for model deployment
  • PowerBI report for retention actions
  • Design and analysis of preventive actions

AI for Customer excellence is executed on a cloud data platform based on Azure services and parts of delivery is based on Power BI. Implementation includes data and stakeholder assessments. Customer can choose between "Foundation" (development) or "Full framework" (deployment) - the delivery varies between 7-10 weeks based on customer and data maturity.