Azure Synapse Analytics - 2 Hour Workshop

Altron Karabina

2 Hour Free Workshop to understand, see and identify where Azure Synapse can be utilised in the organisation.

The demand for information is constantly growing, in every industry. Executives demand feedback on cost savings and new revenue opportunities. Customers demand information on historical transactions, service level trends and how you’re going to save them money with your offering. And you need to know how well you’re performing against your goals.
How do you turn data into information that’s guaranteed to be timely, contextual, 100% accurate, secure and easy to use?
And you’re not just dealing with one type of data. How can you consolidate and leverage all of these?

  • Internal data – financials, sales and payroll data from traditional ERP, CRM and HR systems
  • External data – files from external suppliers and partners, market data and macro-economic data
  • Big data – web site and social media, device, machine and sensor data

Ideal Solution
You need a modern data and analytics platform using Azure Synapse and a range of other Azure services to support this.
  • Secure, optimised storage of all different types of data (internal, external and big data)
  • The ability to quickly catalog and consolidate existing and new sets of data into a central hub so you can access them as soon as possible
  • Data modelling tools that make it easy for all user levels to leverage the data
  • Machine learning capability to add insights that are not immediately apparent for human analysts
  • Visualisation tools to ensure numbers can be seen as part of the business story
  • Massive compute capacity on tap that can provide sub-second responses to any type of information query
Workshop Agenda
  • Vision Building: Overview of what every organisation needs in a Modern Analytics Platform plus a Demo
  • Practical Consulting: Understanding the data in your business that relates to strategic goals and identify the one Analytic View for a PoC