Azure on VMWare Migration Solutions: 2 Week Assessment

Kochasoft Inc

Increase performance, elasticity and scale the migration of VMware workloads to Azure for better application modernization.

Microsoft Azure VMware Solution (AVS) is an Azure service that allows our clients to run VMware workloads directly on Azure. As a Gold Partner, KochaSoft helps you leverage the management, networking and operating systems provided by Microsoft at scale on Azure. KochaSoft, and our subsidiary, Civatree are experts in both Azure and VMware.

By working with this solution you can deploy VMware workloads on a singular, high-performance, single-tenant environment on Azure. We help you provision, expand and adjust the size of your VMware infrastructure based on your changing landscape requirements while operating your VMs as though they are on-premise.

The advantage for our customers is that they do not need to spend time re-architecting their applications and thus, can modernize their applications with the scalability, flexibility and elasticity of the Azure cloud.

In our 2 week assessment, KochaSoft will evaluate your VMware environment, giving you a full report of your virtual machine environment, as well as best practices. We start by querying your systems, installing all relevant tools and asking your team the right questions to get the migration scope to find out what to push over to AVS. Our expert team will help remediate your areas for efficiencies and find opportunities for modernization.

This will help you improve productivity, scale and remain elastic. Based on this, we will create a strategy for the most effective modernization plan for your organization.