Azure Migration Proof of Concept

Langate Corp

An Azure migration proof of concept is the first step toward determining whether migrating to the cloud is right for your business.

Thanks to its flexibility and agility, Azure can help you innovate faster, build new products and services with improved agility and reduce costs while meeting your mission-critical requirements.

Get a team of experts to perform a 5-day proof of concept to help you migrate your infrastructure (servers) to Azure.

What to Expect?

Here’s what to expect from our 5-day proof of concept

The Azure Migration Proof of Concept (MPC) is a collaborative process that works with appropriate stakeholders to lay the foundation for your migration. Our MPC team will take your unique needs and analyze how best to make the move to Azure.

Day 1: Identifying your Azure Proof of Concept goals. Ensuring that the right tools are in place when building your virtual environment.

Day 2: Study and Understand your network. Run a scan of your environment to gather vital network information on specific resources, such as storage and computing infrastructure

Day 3: Develop a Proof of Concept Plan.

Day 4: Execute and Monitor

Day 5: Review and recommendations

Once we agree on and verify the feasibility of a plan, we’ll create an implementation roadmap to get you there.