HP Cloud File Storage in Azure 12 Hour- Implementation

Managed Solution

High Performance Cloud File Storage in Azure this 12 hour engagement enables companies that have high-latency environments to improve performance and reduce data movement costs.

With remote work and data usage increasing, organizations are tasked with finding ways to empower collaborative experiences with large files. Do you need a file system specifically for high-latency environments with improved performance, reduced data movement costs, and authority over your data? Leveraging Azure and LucidLink technologies will promote increased productivity, collaboration and allow for growth across the organization.

Our solution solves the following needs that previously prevented businesses from embracing cloud computing:

Data access and collaboration for remote users regardless of file type and size. Leverage direct cloud storage to avoid expenditure on hardware. Great for backup or video storage. Perform CAD/CAM work from the office or remotely without performance degradation. Infinite storage expansion with a traditional, local file share experience.

Proof of Concept - 12 hours to set up and test our High Performance Compute solution. POC Includes: Create Azure Tenant & Subscription Provision Azure Storage Account General Purpose V2 Provision Azure Blob Container Hot Tier Create LucidLink Admin Account Connect LucidLink to Azure Storage Create Folder Structure (Replicate NAS Shares) Create LucidLink User Accounts Assign Lucidlink Users Folder Permissions Designate local PC to be utilized as the migration Machine Install and configure LucidLink Connect Lucidlink to Azure