Azure Synapse 2-week POC

MAQ Software

We evaluate your current business requirements and build a solution that enables key stakeholders to get actionable insights through Azure Synapse and Power BI

Azure Synapse, formerly the Azure SQL Data Warehouse, is Microsoft’s powerful new platform. It combines enterprise data warehousing and big data analytics. Azure Synapse Analytics can break down the silos between operational data, the data warehouse, and analytics to deliver on the promise of limitless analytics. Our two-week proof of concept (POC) will highlight how this can best serve you.

To better understand the use case of Azure Synapse in your organization we will build a POC artificial intelligence (AI) solution that provides crucial insights. We will then showcase how these insights can be further expanded upon using Power BI reports.

Target Audience:

  • Data Engineers
  • Data Architects
  • Business Analysts
  • Product/Program Managers


Day 1

  • Our technical consultant will brief you about the scope and high-level details of setting up Azure Synapse with Power BI

Day 2–6

  • Set up the Azure Synapse environment and work with your team to gather data for the pilot data warehouse
  • Onboard datasets to build appropriate data models
  • Configure Azure Synapse in your environment to test and train the model

Day 6–9

  • Build 1–2 Power BI views by onboarding the key insights that were generated
Day 10
  • Create a roadmap based on the data and insights generated by the pilot


  • Overview of Azure Synapse with Power BI capabilities
  • Setup of Azure Synapse and onboarding of data warehouse
  • Data model build and training data to generate insights
  • 1-2 Power BI views


  • Thorough understanding of Azure Synapse and its functional and technical benefits for your business
  • A solution that uses data to generate insights with the help of AI and Power BI reports; you can use those insights to take informed business decisions