Windows Virtual Desktop(WVD):2-Week Implementation

Mismo Systems LLP

Implementation of Windows virtual desktop to allow users to connect with office network via fully managed virtual desktop using their personal device or computer in a secure and reliable manner.

What is Windows Virtual Desktop?

Windows Virtual Desktop is a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service running in the cloud. It is the only service that delivers multi-session Windows 10 with simplified management. All you need to get your new WVD environment up and running are following two things: * Properly and efficiently configured Azure infrastructure * Appropriate Windows license to be fully compliant

Why do you need WVD?

  • Security and regulation
  • Elastic workforce
  • Specific employees
  • Specialized workloads

What are the key benefits of Windows Virtual Desktop?

  • The only multi-session Windows 10 environment
  • Highly cost-effective virtual infrastructure
  • Decreased management overhead to remain most productive
  • Complete support for Remote Desktop Services Environment
  • The best service to virtualize Office 365 ProPlus running in multi-user virtual scenarios
  • Windows 7 with free ESU
  • Seamlessly virtualize both desktops and apps

Steps for Implementation:

  • Assessment of the business and technical requirements
  • Sketching the provisioning methods
  • Planning and designing the implementation
  • Pilot and testing
  • Implementation and Handover


  • A technically and economically optimum WVD infrastructure
  • Fully compliant platform
  • Design and Deployment Documentation
  • Training of Admin for proper adoption
  • Documentations- Assessment, Design and Deployment documents and SOPs