Microsoft Azure: 2 week Proof of Concept

Netrix Global

Derisk your investments on Microsoft Azure with a PoC from a leading Microsoft partner with a deep governance expertise.

Microsoft provides the cloud platform for companies to succeed on the cloud. Azure is secure, meets you at the edge, on-premises, or across multiple clouds, enables you to build on your own terms, and most importantly, helps you be future-ready with 1,000+ services. While benefits of Azure are clear, it can still be daunting to embark on a long-term project on the cloud. Customers unfamiliar with the platform can easily become overwhelmed. Netrix is a leading Microsoft partner with a deep governance expertise. We have over 10 Microsoft Advanced Specializations and Solution Partner Designation for Azure Infrastructure. Our two-week engagement will help you experience the benefits of Azure on a small scale and build a roadmap for your project.

Agenda: 1.) Identify a high-level use case for Azure Proof of Concept and the best route to get started with Azure: IaaS or PaaS. 2.) Deploy the required resources, including governance resources, and establish connectivity with on-premises resources. 3.) Validate interoperability between resources..

Final deliverables: 1.) Functioning proof-of-concept for a defined use case. 2.) Design and governance documentation