Fastlane to modern website (Sitecore): 6-Wk Imp

netzkern AG

With Sitecore and netzkern, you can focus on publishing your content. We cover everything from ALM setup including deployment and ​Azure setup to providing a ready-to-fill enterprise website.​
## Type of offering CMS building blocks based web platform development containing initial workshops, ALM setup, deployment preparations, azure setup and ready-to-fill enterprise website. Fully automated factory for corporate websites delivery based on Azure DevOps + PaaS-Services and Sitecore SXA (Sitecore Experience Accelerator). ## Preparation phase In 1-2 requirement definition workshop days, we analyse the goals and KPIs with the customer, and suggest a structure for the website. We then show the possibilities of the building blocks and discuess if any further requirements are needed. ## Setup phase * Sitecore Experience Plattform (XP) installation, hosted on Microsoft Azure environment, providing continuous integration & development process​ * Development based on Sitecore SXA and Sitecore Helix paradigms​ * Toolbox incl. various content components like search, social media, ​contact form, sliders, video players and more​ * Project Management & QA ## What Sitecore and SXA are Leading .NET based content management system (CMS) with installed SXA (Sitecore Experience Accelerator) module, which offers a rich set of ready-to-use controls for building the website. **If all requirements are met, no further developers will be needed**. ## Additional offers * We can offer 24/7 Infrastructure and regular hours application support​ * Sitecore License ​Assistance​ ## Target customer SMC and SMB - Manufacturing, Insurance, Public Sector (Energy Suppliers)​ ## Pricing Starting from €50K​ (not including Sitecore license and Azure costs)