Neudesic's Intelligent Ops Accelerator


Transform IT operations harnessing AI-powered insights for enhanced efficiency and increased reliability

Neudesic’s Intelligent Ops Accelerator enables real-time issue detection and accelerated incident resolutions with AI/ML models. Aligned with Microsoft best practices and powered by the OpenAI platform, our accelerator automates workbooks and tasks, eliminating manual operations and supports managing ticket complexity with its ticket orchestration engine. Neudesic leverages Azure security and monitoring services to ensure seamless end-to-end infrastructure operations and application platforms. Driven by automation and artificial intelligence, our Intelligent Ops accelerator detects and responds to security incidents promptly.

Our End-to-End Approach to AIOps

Implement Cloud Services: Initially establishing and leveraging cloud services across one or more subscriptions without specific guidance or a strategic approach.

Instrument Everything: The initial stage of AIOPS leveraging Azure native services to initiate data collection from various services.

Baseline & Recommendations: Utilizing acquired data for decision-making and establishing operational baselines as a foundation for further growth and development.

Automation & Remediation: Automating processes identified as common patterns and tasks performed by the team to generate reports efficiently.

Intelligent Ops: Deploying an autonomous cloud platform to deliver quick resolution, rapid prototyping, and orchestration without requiring intervention from engineers.