Document Intelligence Platform: 4-Week POC


Accelerate your customers’ AI Adoption by leveraging our Document Intelligence Platform, Knowledge Mining framework and pre-configured architectures to quickly deploy AI & Cognitive Services use-cases

The Neudesic Document Intelligence Platform Accelerator takes customers through an initial ideation and discovery session of Azure Cognitive Services use-cases to the implementation of an MVP for use-case validation and business impact analysis. The prepackaged layering of AI technologies allows a customer to identify and implement 1-2 business use-cases for cognitive AI in as little as 4 weeks. By leveraging our Accelerator, businesses can decrease their time to market by up to 80%. The Accelerator takes unstructured data through ingestion, enrichment, and analysis to provide valuable insights that may be automated and orchestrated into applications such as workflows, business rules, automation, bulk processing, and approvals.

Users Impacted: -Knowledge Workers -Legal Contract Analysts -Manual Document Processors

Engagement Outcome: -Reference Architecture -Azure Based Document Intelligence Platform that automates the training, processing, and operationalization of document processing. -2 AI models -1 ingestion integration -1 destination integration