Cognizant Private 5G Network Solution: 6 Week Implementation


Cognizant’s end to end 5G private network offering for industrial enterprises to support digital transformation.

Cognizant offers a fully managed end to end 5G private network solution & professional services tuned to industry verticals. A 3GPP compliant & fully virtualized 5G private network solution comprises of ORAN compliant Radio and highly scalable 5G core stack. 5G private network solution can be easily deployed on COTS servers like Dell, HP and Azure stack edge. The solution comes with an intuitive cloud-based Network Management platform for 24x7 monitoring of 5G network components. It supports and provides real-time insights on faults, configuration, accounting, performance, and security KPIs to arrive at root cause & service impact analysis as well as real-time network provision & service activation, automation, and orchestration of resource.

Cognizant leverages its decades of Wireless, Wired and Industrial Operations (IO) and IT experience & expertise to plan, build, deploy, integrate, and manage the 5G private network for industrial enterprises. More importantly, Cognizant has the industry experience to help you strategize and deploy the latest Industry 4.0 solutions that are made only possible with the speed and reliability of a private 5G network. Industrial 4.0 applications like Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) for Inter/Intra-logistics at both Factory floor & warehouse/DCs, Real-time quality control using Vision AI, Collaborative Robots, Digital Twin, Augmented Reality and Predictive & Preventive asset maintenance are now made possible at scale with a private 5G network.

Cognizant’s bundled 5G private network solution (Radio, Core, NMS, Use cases and Ecosystem) and Services (Consulting & Assessment | Site Survey | RF & Network Planning & Design | Build & Integrate | E2E Managed Service) is a one-shop stop solution enabling rapid deployment of private network & edge intelligence. The solution enables enterprises to build, deploy, own, personalize and control their own Industrial cellular wireless network over 5G to transform their end-to-end industrial ecosystem, indoors & outdoors. The solution enables dedicated connectivity, throughput, coverage, latency, mobility, reliability, massive device connectivity and security as per the demanding & complex industrial environment be it Automotive, Manufacturing, Logistics, Pharma, Healthcare, CSPs/MSO, Energy & Utilities, Food & Beverage, Agri & Aquaculture, Transportation and Smart venues. This seamlessly allows enterprises to fulfil their business objectives and Industry 4.0 vision by digitally transforming their OT & IT ecosystem and building a predictive & preventive business model. Deploying this solution results in enhanced Productivity, enhanced operation efficiency, reduce downtime, work load reduction by maximizing automation, high cost saving and increased ROI by optimizing & enriching existing business critical process and systems.

Enterprises further will be able to leverage Cognizant's 5G private R&D, experience & innovation centre to co-innovate and test new ideas & concepts before deploying in the field.

Some of the key tenant of the solution includes: • Fully virtualized radio and core networks, deployed on COTS platform • Multivendor Open-RAN compliant 5G Radio Unit ecosystem • Microsoft Azure Private 5G Core and Azure Stack Edge • Common management and orchestration platform cloud—managed and run by Cognizant • Single dashboard for connectivity and IoT
• 5G as an overlay standalone network—Ethernet-based front haul • Leverages standard network switches and digital Ethernet infrastructure

To summarize, Cognizant offers a fully managed 5G private network solution for industrial enterprises to support digital transformation. Cognizant takes holistic approach towards clients’ needs by helping them design, implement and fully manage their private 5G networks. Cognizant Private 5G offerings help to fully reimagine processes and implement innovative digital solutions that solve operational challenges. Cognizant’s extensive experience in 5G private networks, IoT use cases across industry verticals and integration with existing digital enterprise IT enables enterprises in any industry to create new value with next-generation IoT solutions, powered by 5G.

The price and duration detailed relate to the initial consultation. The actual implementation, price and duration will be customized based on client requirements surfaced during the consultation.