Going Digital: 2 Week Briefing


Becoming a digital business is key to thriving in this new digital world, and GO, Cognizant MBG’s end-to end approach to building digital operating models, can transform your modern business.

Visualize your future as a digital enterprise and build an actionable plan to bring it to life - Going Digital enables your organization to realize what’s possible when you put Microsoft Cloud technology and digital thinking at the core of what you do.

The Cognizant Microsoft Business Group will work with your teams to explore how emerging Microsoft technologies can help you innovate, grow and reach your goals, and create a clear roadmap to get you there. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of what your business stands to gain by choosing the Microsoft Cloud as your primary platform.

Going Digital introduces you to GO, a platform native Digital Operating Model, based on Microsoft’s Cloud Adoption Framework. GO offers a guided step-by-step process and a series of best practices, so businesses can embrace cloud-native digital operations with minimal hassle. We use the native tools and capabilities within Azure to build your cloud operating model and our exclusive GO/Drivetrain platform to accelerate our journey.

GO pulls from an extensive portfolio of solutions designed to transform your business with focus, simplicity and scale: • Intelligent Enterprise: Envision your organization’s ideal digital future. Plot a roadmap to evolve your capabilities in the Microsoft Cloud and stand out in a competitive market • Intelligent Experience and Operations: Embrace human-centered design, innovative technologies and modern business processes to engineer meaningful experiences for employees, customers and partners. • Intelligent Cloud: Empower your organization with a next-generation cloud operating model to increase velocity and control. Migrate, modernize and deploy with cloud native agility.  • Intelligent Workplace: Enable increased productivity, communication, collaboration and mobility while remaining safe, secure and compliant — across the office and around the globe.

Offer price and duration are customised based on your requirements.