free preliminary discussion about hands-on OpenAI usecase evaluation

pmOne AG

the pmOne experts evaluate OpenAI use-cases to check feasability and benefits of Azure Open-AI

The pmOne specialists will present the procedure and the benefits of the use-case evaluation of Open AI to you. In an initial, non-binding discussion we decide on the further course of action.

The use of Azure OpenAI holds huge potential for process optimisation and improvement of recurring assignments. Together with the pmOne AI experts, several selected use-cases were tested in practical formats and brought to life.

pmOne supports with experience of over 15 years AI-implementation and the huge knowledge of integrating data and business applications. Away from theory - towards practical use is the motto. This creates a better understanding of how OpenAI works, but also of the challenges and conditions that need to be taken into account.

The result is a practical plan on how the topic of Open AI can be approached in a beneficial way for the customer. In workshops and design sessions, a proof-of-concept is carried out together with the client's technical managers. The results are then presented to a larger circle of decision-makers.