Your state-of-the-art Analytics Platform, 8-Wk PoC

pmOne AG

Flexible and extensible Platform for your AI-driven Business Cases

The Analytics Platform is a state-of-the-art data architecture with focus on AI. The Analytics Platform represents a flexible, and in all directions expandable solution, in which latest methods from Data Science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence are combined with a Data Lake and Business Intelligence in form of interactive Power BI dashboards.

Within the Analytics Platform, data from a wide variety of sources is integrated, prepared, and stored in a central Azure Data Lake using the advantages of the Azure cloud, providing a flexible and scalable basis for your data. This foundation allows the rapid development of AI solutions from prototype to business process integrated Machine Learning model.

The way to your Analytics Platform*):

Sprint 1: Assessing data requirements and designing the Analytics Platform
Sprint 2: Building the Analytics Platform
Sprint 3: Extracting data from the source systems and first screening
Sprint 4: Prototyping of the Machine Learning solution together with you
Sprint 5: Building a Power BI dashboard that makes the machine learning results
accessible for direct and interactive operational use

Key benefits:

  • Flexible and extensible platform for your AI use cases, realized in the Azure cloud
  • Prototyped Machine Learning solutions built together with you
  • Power BI dashboard that makes the machine learning outcomes accessible in an interactive manner for operational use

And of course, we will continue to support you in all further project phases, from strategy consulting to technical implementation and operation of the analytics platform.

*) Pricing and timing depends on the specific project.