Demand Forecasting: 8-Wk PoC, pmOne AG

pmOne AG

Demand Forecasting: Reliable prediction of sales volumes with artificial intelligence based on Microsoft Azure

Is your demand planning too inaccurate and time-consuming? Many companies use conventional planning tools or simple Excel-based planning for their demand planning. Often, future requirements are estimated intuitively by employees. The manual effort is often immense. In addition, factors such as fluctuations in demand, a very wide range of products (possibly perishable goods) and a complex network of production, transshipment and store locations must be considered in planning.

Using Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Power BI and Artificial Intelligence, we develop and implement a forecasting tool for you that solves the above challenges. Historical data such as sales trends, seasonal fluctuations, cycles, regional characteristics, weather data as well as data on population density are evaluated and daily updated demand forecasts are created.

As a result, the forecast quality with Demand Forecast and the use of Microsoft Azure is more reliable, more precise and overall less cost-intensive compared to conventional methods and software tools. This provides you with a powerful Power BI dashboard that delivers accurate demand forecasting by using Microsoft Azure technologies.


  • Wk 1,2,3: Workshop, data screening, evaluation of data, data cleaning
  • Wk 4,5,6: Development of machine learning models in Azure
  • Wk 7,8 Evaluation of the models, presentation of results and recommended actions, visualization of results in Power BI


  • Reliable and accurate forecasting of demand and sales volume
  • Better forecast compared to conventional methods and software tools
  • Prediction also possible for new products
  • Avoidance of over- and underproduction
  • Lower costs due to rejects

*) Pricing and timing depends on the project!